Nathan-DowningIt was in 2010, when my life was going through many changes, that an urge deep within led me to pick up a pencil. The sense of familiarity was something not felt since childhood. With a personality that leans towards that of a perfectionist, this is expressed in my work with realistic impressions of the desired subject.

I am a local artist born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. I do not have any formal education in the arts. I have relied upon self-study and discipline to get me started. Distance learning with Watts Atelier and Sadie Valeri Atelier, along

with workshops at Scottsdale Art School, have provided a great foundation for development of technique.

Witnessing people enjoying my work for the first time brought great fulfillment. It was then that I realized art is a visual language of humanity and a means of expression that should be shared. Visual communication through art brings about a healthy society. Whether spending time with the elderly doing crafts or giving art supplies to child who is trying to find a means of expression, contributing to our community is about being yourself. For example, whether it be one person taking notice while sketching in a crowd or another standing quietly in the distance watching, you have made a connection. Forever in time those briefest of moments have changed the course of history for the artist and viewer. These experiences have brought great insight to my work and has helped me grow as an artist.