Nathan Downing

Nathan Downing (Arizona, United States, 1981, self-educated). In 2010, when his life was going through many changes, an urge deep within led him to pick up a pencil. The sense of familiarity was something not felt since his childhood. With a personality that leans towards that of a perfectionist, this is expressed in his work with minimalistic - realism of the desired subject. His art is unique in many aspects and follows a logical approach.

With an eye for detail and technical skills, he paints a variety of subjects. What starts as a simple image develops into a sophisticated composition in which each detail has a meaning. The choice of background color, the title, and subject matter are tied together to evoke various emotions. Observing our own thoughts, creativity is born, and each painting represents humanity and the world we live in. There are always hidden messages in his paintings. It is up to the viewer to find them. “I believe art is a visual language of humanity and a means of expression that should be shared. Visual communication through art brings about a healthy society”.

Featured Work

Point Loma Marina

by Nathan Downing
24 x 30 in
oil on canvas

Limited Edition prints are available!

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ArtWalk Liberty Station 2019

If your in the area, come out and see beautiful works of art by various artists!  I will be located at booth #404.


Art Heals

Art Heals, at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, is a collection of original art by local artist that embraces care beyond medicine, seeking to create a restorative and calming environmental for cancer patients, caregivers and families. This is the second year of the exhibit and all artwork is selected by the patients.


Rocky & Coco

The painting represents the personalities and the spirit of Rocky and Coco. To capture their essence, the artist spent time observing the dogs behavior and listening to the owners descriptions. Focusing on fine details around the eyes and muzzles help capture their expressions. Rocky (left) has red/orange highlights around the muzzle and these colors continue into the background. The colors represent energy and need for attention. Coco (right) has splashes of violet and magenta highlighting the ears. These colors represent love and compassion. The various hues of blue in the background represent wisdom and an old soul.  

by Nathan Downing
20 x 20 in
acrylic on canvas
Commission: Mowczko family

#Commissioned Work